Politics: Today's history. History: Yesterday's politics.

Asian Politics and History Association (APHA) is a non-political, non-profit academic society organized by scholars of Asian studies. Established in the Washington DC area in 2011, APHA currently has members from Asian-Pacific, European and North American countries. APHA supports the Journal of Asian Politics & History (JAPH), which is an academic journal published twice a year.

APHA Missions

To Assist, support and promote the academic works and activities of its members;  
To Establish, promote and strengthen academic connections, cooperation and exchanges among its members as well as among colleagues throughout the world;
To contribute to the advancement of the study of Asia politics and history, with a focus on the international relations of Asia;
To make APHA a cultural and academic forum to promote a worldwide understanding of Asia;
To contribute to the peace and development of the region.

APHA Officers

APHA Chair of Board of Directors: Dr. Kingsley Haynes, George Mason University, USA

APHA President: Dr. Nicholas Thomas, City University of Hong Kong

APHA Executive Director: Dr. Mark Zhong, Clarewood University, USA